About us

We are not just a gym.

We are a gathering place (picture the 'Cheers' version, only in a gym setting, where we serve workouts...and maybe the occasional cocktail;)  We are a tribe of people who want to live healthier lives, and who enjoy helping others do the same. We’re parents, couples, singles, young, old and everything in between. We know who we are, and we like who we are.

At FUELhouse, you’ll find programming that’s as hard (often harder) than anybody’s. But we’re not striving to push you beyond your comfort zone, and we’re not trying to put people into competitions. We represent an entire fitness family supporting you every step of the way. After all, the stronger you are, the stronger we are. That’s just how this whole community thing works.

To learn more about us please visit our website or next time you're in town please come by for a sweat sesh with the Tribe!

-Molly and the FUELhouse Tribe